5 conseils pour commencer un blog de maman réussie

Mom Blogs are fantastic resources full of tips, hacking of parenting, of frugal practices, and more than a few laughs. Have you ever read mom blogs and thought to yourself « hey, it’s totally something I rock? » Well, guess what? You will rock blogging mom and here’s how!

5 Tips to Start a Successful Mom Blog:

1. Determine your reasons for mommy blogs

Why would you start a mommy blog? Before you start writing, find out why this is something you want to do. Do you want this blog to be a way for distant friends and family to follow you? Looking to make money on this blog? Do you just want to share your funny stories and relative hacking with other moms and dads? Whatever your reason, understand your reasons before you start!

2. Choose your focus

Of course, you can write on everything under the sun and it’s totally cool. If you are looking to start a successful mom blog that will eventually take off, you must have a focus. Do you want to show other moms that no one leads a perfect life and everyone crazy day part of the time? Want to become a resource for other parents of children with special needs? Would you give your wisdom on couponing on the rest of the world? Having a focus does not mean you can not write on other subjects …. it just means that you should not be everywhere!

3. Practice your writing skills

We all have a secret writer waiting us out! Just like going to the gym or playing the piano, writing is a skill that must be practiced. Consider the voice you want to use, your personal style, and various writing techniques. For example, the word of numbers are important to use in your writing, because they allow you to highlight, embellish or enhance your style and make it easier for you to persuade and convince audiences. Looks like the education of children, is not it? These quizzes are a fun and easy way to practice your mom blog writing skills.

4. Publish new content on a schedule

If you are afraid to start a mommy blog because you can not post new content 4 days a week, listen to me! There is no rule that says that to succeed, you must display a ton of content all the time. The key to online success is consistency. If you only have time to publish once a week, make it a big deal so that your followers are happy to read your new post every Wednesday. Can not spend time to write messages that are 2000+ words or do extensive research on a subject? Easy tips and tricks or a funny event happened and how you handled it perfectly acceptable!

5. Do it for yourself

If you do not like mommy blogging, you will be unhappy and you feel the disciples. Do not sell and do things that you do not want to do. Do not do for your friends PTA. Do not do it for your mother. Do not do the same for your other. Do it for you and you just because you are passionate about sharing your story with others. When working with brands, not to sell and partnership with companies that your heart is not behind. Do not forget to blog for yourself and above all other second.

You’re new mom blogs? Have you thought about? I would like your thoughts below and I am open to answer any questions that I can!

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